Thursday, October 20, 2016


Petrified, by my mind's reflections.

Horrified, by my spirit's ruminations.

Bewitched, by my psyche's obsessions.


Locked, in my head with no refuge.


How can I live?

When eventual is unpredictable?

When bygone is unforgettable?

When present is depletable?


The sky is painted with vivid darkness.

The sounds are aery with insipid harshness.

I cannot rest while my consciousness

vies to dim the dimmest of blackness.


How am I to become?

When my own will not fight

to outlive my nightmares

to attain my ambitions?


Fixated, I am, in the likeness of a glacier

moved only by the ocean's currents

melting away day by day

destined to no longer exist.


The past is gone by, when will I forget?

Only when my anima no longer is!