At TronicDream, we value customer satisfaction and promising excellent results over anything else. Our mantra is to make your company at the forefront of innovation showcasing the latest of technologies. No one wants to be a boring company that makes money doing nothing but rather has an impact on the world and strive for the greater good.

We provide a variety of services to enhance your business in the IT sector while keeping costs low and reasonable. TronicDream is not just another coorporation that does tasks for other companies but strives to become a partner and sponsor of the companies it works with. Our goal isn’t just to do work and provide an invoice but make sure that the requests fulfill the company’s needs and aspirations.

We pride ourselves in the services that we provide this is a non-exhaustive list of what we do. If you need help in accomplishing something else, feel free to contact us and we’ll see how our services can fit your business lifestyle and goals.

Android Prototyping

Innovative businesses always have great ideas on how to make people’s lives easier with phone apps. Before spending inordinate amount of time and money to see if a concept is a good fit for your customers, why not create a functioning prototype that shows investors and stakeholders what your idea can do. You can even let customers try the concept and get valuable feedback to fit their use cases better.

Prototypes range from basic wireframes to functioning apps that run offline. Depending on your budget and time constraints, we will help you choose the kind of prototype that will help you demonstrate your concept in the most fitting way.

Please contact us for a free quote specifying your intents and goals and we will promptly help you pick the right options and provide a wide range of pricing options perfect for your business size.


Sometimes you don’t need a full blown app or website to demonstrate a concept to potential customers. You have the resources the develop the app, but you want to make sure it works on paper before committing to a huge budget. This is where our wireframing service comes in, we will design concept images of your app or website at a very low cost and you can demonstrate the concept to your clients and shareholders.

We specialize in User Experience so we will assist you in making the most accessible and easiest to use application possible.

Why bother waiting to make an incomplete app that doesn’t impress your customers while you can show your concepts with days of thinking of the idea?

Computer Education

Computers are very powerful tools and are today necessary for day to day life. TronicDream offers paid courses in person to get you up to speed on how to perform basic and advanced tasks with a computer.

Computer Repair and Maintenance

PCs and Macs have become incredibly complicating to use and maintain due to how powerful they have become. TronicDream has extensive expertise in dealing with virtually any kind of problem. Even if the issue is not on the list, please contact us to help you get your issues sorted out so you can get working as quickly as possible.

  • Operating System Installation

  • Software Installation and Registration. Includes help on how to use the software.

  • Malware removal

  • Routine maintenance

  • Cleanup and Performance Improvements.

  • Hardware maintenance and repairs

  • File recovery