My Blog is All Over the Place

I originally thought that my blog would have a technology focus but it became an outlet to speak my mind out. Obviously, very few people care about what some random person like me thinks and my low readership shows.

I think the ideal mix for a blog is to have some scattered thoughts posts and some others focused on a certain subject. I don’t know if that is a good approach but the most popular blogs I’ve seen actually teach the user how to do something; something specific.

My subjects range from hugely personal stories to automotive technologies and other rants, even satires. These are things I enjoy writing about but sometimes it feels like I’m just talking to myself.

Promoting a blog is really difficult because usually putting a link somewhere will generate a spike in readership and a few days later you’re back to the usual 2 visitors per day. I have to blame on it myself because the only people who are interested about reading my posts are me, and maybe a few friends of mine.

I’ve been a software developer for a really long time and I sometimes think I could have something interesting to say and useful for others, but so many people have already talked about what I have thought about.

My goal isn’t to make this blog popular or anything, but I think readership is a good to way to incite criticism and inspire better works to come in the future. My writing skills depends on those who try to understand my mess of a text.

There are very few places where I promote my blog as much places consider it self-promotion and spam. My go-to is a Hacker News post and that usually generates a bit of interest or at least a click on the link followed by immediately hitting the back button.

I’ve found many obscure blogs on the Internet who talk about things that I’m concerned about but I don’t think many will find them interesting. The Internet is a very competitive place and it’s a combination of skill and luck that will get you somewhere.

I don’t run ads on my website and I never will. I enjoy writing and this is best outlet of stress for me. When I’m feeling down, I write here and complain, even though no one will listen to me.