The Complications Behind Being Organized...

My first ever blog post was about why I hated the weekends. It was a ruse to explain why we spend too many hours working ruining our well-being and providing us little time to do the things we care about. Economic advances and automation can make this dream come true, but business owners can’t fathom the idea of reducing the numbers of hours for the same pay. However in reality, most workers slack off and only end up doing productive work for a few hours while the rest is spend on Facebook and other diversions.

As a result, we are forced to make of the little time left available to us to do what matters to us. Everyone has their ways of managing this: todo lists, calendars, memorization, getting things done method, pomodoro and so on. However, no matter how dedicated we are to those methods, we are tempted to give up easily on these techniques because our lives are too chaotic. No matter how organized you get, life always finds a way to make a mess out of your plans.

I can confidently say that I’ve tried just about everything to manage my life and read a plethora of self help books on how to make the most out of my time with great failure rate. I pick one method and try it for a few weeks with unsatisfactory results. Instead of having a healthy balance of tasks and achieving goals that I want to do, I’m staring out of the window and aimlessly pacing.

I tried from being very vague to extremely specific in task definition, but the result was always the same, stress and fruitlessness. No matter what I did, by the end of the day, my plate was still full. No matter how I tried to simplify things, nothing worked.

Rigidity is our worst enemy, we can’t wake up with a clearly defined plan and just execute it. It is an exercise in pointless and utter failure. Our lives are chaotic and chaos theory plays a big role in what happens in our day to day lives. One little thing can change the course of our entire day.

We need to find systems that take into account the weather-like nature our lives and the unpredictability that it exudes. I haven’t yet found a system that is flexible enough to enable us to freely and smoothly manage our lives to make the most out of it. Every time I try to think about something, it is as rigid as whatever came before it. Our plans should be fluid and float along the pace of our lives rather than force us to a strict schedule that has no sense in the workflow of our being.

I do hope one day someone’s creativity finds a solution to this mess and I won’t give up trying to find that ideal solution. I’d like to hear in the comments how you make your lives time-fluid rather than task oriented.