cdahmedeh Software Consulting Services Inc.

Your one stop shop for software development needs and other related services. We strive to provide reliable and well architectured software services that range from maintenance, to new features and even designing solutions from scratch. Rather than rush to delivery, we focus on understanding the customer’s needs in addition to maintaining an open line of communication between the different departments of the company to make sure that we are aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

We work hard to expand our portfolio of skills and capabilities to satisfy a wide variety of business needs. Whether it’s prototyping or building a full blown web server, our consultants are ready to provide whatever you need.


Java, REST APIs, JSON, Spring, Spring Boot, SQL, Postgres, H2, Hibernate, JUnit, jMock, Mockito, Apache Commons, Guava, Gradle, Maven, Django, Blockchain, SDR, Estimote, Amazon AWS, Firebase, APNs, CloudWatch, LogEntries, Microsoft Azure, Portainer, Docker, Docker Swarm, TeamCity, bash, git, BitBucket, Linux, Android, Google Maps API, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Groovy, SageMaker, Amazon ML, Amazon EMR, Amazon DatapipelineDynamoDB, BitBucket, Swing, SWT, JavaFX…

Backend Web Services

-   Build Java EE and Sprint Boot Web Services Applications

-   Services include maintenance, building from scratch and general support.

-   Focus on reliability and performance.

-   Penchant on good software engineering practises including architecture, documentation and workflows.

Android Application Prototypes

-   Develop Android Applications for Prototyping Purposes to demonstrate to share holders before complete investments.

-   Applications are written in such a way that they can be expanded for production development.

Desktop Applications

-   Create Desktop Applications from scratch using Swing, SWT or JavaFx.

-   Lightweight designs to minimize startup times and package size.


-   Make demonstrations of application workflows before software development to validate use cases with clients and uses.

-   Prototypes are done using off-the-shelf software for reuse.

We are a registered corporation with Corporations Canada