Celebrating a (little more than) year of blogging...

My first blog post was published on April 15, 2017 and was so popular that it generated a whopping 2 comments. I can’t say that my others posts have been as popular though.

I started my blog in order to learn writing and express my creativity. Writing is an outlet of stress for me and there’s no better way to talk about something on an open platform like this.

While I thought my blog would be solely focused on IT, my blog became a multifaceted place with discussions on technology, philosophy, science and automotive. I feel the subjects have been a bit dry but stay tuned for more exciting blog posts and new subjects such as gaming!

My goal for this blog isn’t popularity, I don’t even run ads on this website at all. I just want to vent and hope someone will benefit from my tirades.

Some statistics about this blog so far:

  • 537 days since the first post

  • 14 blog posts not including this one



  • 230 viewers per month on average

  • 4 RSS subscribers

  • 31000 words approximately

  • Most popular blog post: Automatic Transmission Simulation in Games

  • Least popular blog post: Many of them have not been read this month...

  • Longest blog post: Why I left…

  • Shortest blog post: Drifting a Bus

  • Most readers are from the US, Canada and UK. Some significant traffic from Europe.

  • Apparently, the most popular way to reach this website is directly (which I find hard to believe), it’s more likely to be through search engines or social websites.

  • 0 dollars made from page views

My writing is still very imperfect, and at times, very simplistic. I’m hoping with practise I will come up with clearer, more informative and have better researched posts. Maybe I’ll be taken more seriously then, for now, it’s just a hobby.

Creating this blog has made me realize that I don’t need to create something perfect from the start but rather, every endavour is a learning experience on it’s own. Your first projects might be cringe-worthy and embarrassing, but one day, you’ll do something you’re proud of. I’m not there yet.

If you feel the need to express yourself I highly recommend blogging though you can also start a YouTube channel or maybe a podcast. I personally use Squarespace to build my website. Even though I’m a software developer, I honestly don’t have time to maintain a website through some complicated JavaScript framework and host it on a VPS in my spare time. Some website builders are free like Wix and others are dedicated to blogging only like Blogger or WordPress (well, it can do a bit more). If you’re a web developer and are brave enough to roll your own, go ahead. If you’re a bit more lazy you can host Jekyll statically on github.io.

Your blog can be focused on a personal aspect of your life such as your travelling adventures or a place to discuss your favourite topics in astrophysics. The Internet is all about freedom (maybe not some countries) and this your chance to let yourself out!

If you’d like me to talk about a certain subject or my opinion on a topic, feel free to leave a comment below.