cdahmedeh - The History Behind my Username

My username dates far back, to approximately 2002, when I was still an early teenager. At the time, I spend most of my time playing on the Sega Genesis and the Sonic series were my favourite. One day, at Wal-Mart, I found a box for a PC Game called Sonic CD, I wanted it and made my father spent 30$ CAD on it.

Like everyone else, when I registered on forums, I wanted to have a pseudonym, though I preferred that my name would be in it somewhere.

At the time, Sonic CD was my favourite game of all time, as embarrassing as it was but don’t worry, it’s not the case anymore.

I wanted my username to be cdahmedcd but I found it too repetitive, and substituted the second ‘cd’ to the prominent letters in my last name El-Hajjar, therefore ‘eh’. I ended up with cdahmedeh.

The username stuck with me for a long time and never really bothered to change it, even up to until today.

The proper pronunciation for the username is like this:

C D Ahmed E H

I don’t really make the effort in correcting people when trying to find the original meaning or pronouncing it, I think it’s interesting to see what people come up with.

What a boring reason!